Hunting Nostalgia


Season Five - Now on TV

S5 E1 “Your Parents Basement”

S5 E2 “Neighborhood Nostalgia”

Season Four

S4 E1 “All about Toys”

S4 E2 "Goes to Mars"

S4 E3 “Over the HILLS”

S4 E4 "Super Toy Events Toy Show Part 1"

S4 E5 “Super Toy Events Toy Show Part 2”

S4 E6 “Return of the Chevy”

S4 E7 “B.A.T.S”

S4 E8 “Johnstown Spider-Man”

S4 E9 "Halloween Special III"

S4 E10 “Nostalgic Retailtainment”

Web Exclusives



The Tale of the Rancor Butthole

Friends of HN

Season One

S1 E1 "Hell-Town" (Pilot)

S1 2 "MOTU Merch-Man"

S1 E3 "The Vault"

S1 E4 "Barn Yard Sale Commandos"

S1 E5 "The Halloween Special"

S1 E6 "The B.A.T. King"

S1 E7 "70's House Time Capsule"

S1 E8 "The Christmas Special"

Season Two

S2 E1 "Wherefore Art Thou Mario"

S2 E2 "Ketchup Culture"

S2 E3 "Toyhio"

S2 E4 "The Twisted Penguin"

S2 E5 "Brothers...BROTHER!"

S2 E6 - "Simply Fleatique"

Season Three

S3 E1- “Goofy Good Garage Sale”

S3 E2 “Living Dead Weekend”

S3 E3 Hills Are Alive

S3 E4 “Emporium Country”

S3 E5 “Too Groovy Toy Show”

S3 E6 "Halloween Special II"

S3 E7 "Toypalooza Toy Show"

S3 E8 “One Man Flea Market”

S3 E9 "Christmas Special II"

Featuring - The Doll Circle

Lily Chang Numbered Dolls

Whole Collection

Best Doll Purses! Zuru

Did Jade work at Hot Topic?