Hunting Nostalgia

Recapturing those wistful feelings of yesterday...

Join us on our quests of helping friends, fans, and fellow collectors find toys and other pop-culture treasures across America.

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An on-the-road documentary/reality show dedicated to recapturing those wistful feelings of yesterday—wants to join you on your quest, while helping friends, fellow collectors, and local toy/pop-culture stores find lost treasures across America. Television's Hunting Nostalgia. Join Nick, Elvira, and the Angry Cameraman as they search through attics, basements, and yard sales and try to bring you back nostalgic memories of the past.
Nick Bartley
A third generation “Garage Sale Hunter”, Nick is constantly searching… Not for anything specifically. He is always looking for that feeling, the feeling of Nostalgia he gets from spotting something he hasn’t laid eyes on in years. Those things that remind him of a simpler time when Saturday Morning Wrestling was the most important thing in life!

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