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The Toy Store Guide is your partner in finding your next Toy/Collectible/Memory. Pretty much we want to help you when you’re out “Hunting Nostalgia”. We strive to compile a list of stores that specialize in Toys. Be it Action Figures, Playsets, Vehicles, Old, New, Retro, Sci-Fi, Horror, Magic or Heroes. We believe that going to a toy store, walking down the aisles and picking out a toy is the most awesome feeling and want to help you relive that feeling again and again.

In 2019, while traveling the country, we took to google in an attempt to find some local toy stores. The results we got were full of Targets and WalMarts, not exactly what we were looking for. It seemed hard to find those cool collectible spots that we knew were out there… So, we decided to build the Toy Store Guide with the goal of helping us and others like us find toy shops. 

Pictured: The Toy Store Guide Company Car at the Big Kid Store in Cream Ridge, NJ launched in January of 2020 with a few stores listed. We didn’t really know what to expect or if others would find the site useful and want to help out. Well we were so pleased to find out that Toy Hunters and Toy Stores were interested and really understood what we were trying to build.

Pandora’s box in Lafayette, NJ was the first toy store to be featured on

We are so thankful to all the stores that are allowing us to profile their shops. There are so many mind-blowing stores across the country. We knew there were but had no clue how many and how awesome they would be.

Left: BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles in Everett, WA

Today there are hundreds of Toy and Collectible stores listed on Toy Store Guide. We have expanded to include stores all over the globe. Toy Store Guide is constantly updated and we added an Interactive Map to the home page. We hope this will help make it easier for hunters to find cool stores close to them. 

The toy community is as strong as it is diverse. It is a community that helps hold each other up. Every store we reach out to and every store we visit tells us about other stores, some right around the corner and others across the country. TC’s Rockets in San Diego (a must visit spot if you are in Southern California) let us know about Now Or Never Comics (also in San Diego) as well as BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles in Everett, Washington. BobaKhan was one of the three stores we launched with, and they told us about Cherry Bomb Toys in Victoria, Canada. Toy de Jour in Chicago told us about so many shops in Illinois and Big Fun in Columbus, Ohio submitted a ton of other Toy Stores, too many to list. 

We at the Toy Store Guide hope you find our site useful and are excited to help people connect with some cool places. Do you know of a Store that is not listed? Let us know! We are trying to make the list as big as possible but there are so many local gems that are not yet on our radar…

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Written By: ToyDeLorean on Instagram